Wondering what we do?

We offer 24/7 wellness support where our nurses can come to you at any time in the day and bring wellness to your doorstep! Just give us a call and enjoy the power of IV therapy in the comfort of your own home.

Each IV therapy has specific treatment based on symptoms you are experiencing. Locate our IV Therapies button at the top of our page and browse which therapy is labeled for your illness!

IV therapy delivers fluids directly to your bloodstream so it offers fast hydration & efficient vitamin absorption. With a variety of IV options & add-ins, we can tailor a bag to suit your needs and get you feeling better fast!

Absolutely! Give us a call for large group bookings so we can schedule your friends or family in our special group room.

Some people get IVs for maintenance weekly or others get them only as needed. Just keep in mind, you should wait at least 24 hours between treatments.

Our goal is to provide instant wellness at any moment in the day, that’s right! When you call our number you will be connected at any time in the day so that we can help you with any treatment or questions you have.

We serve everyone in the greater Phoenix area, give us a call and we will get ready to visit you any time of the day!