The Myers IV cocktail was created by the later Dr. John Myers who had great success in treating a variety of ailments in his patients with the use of this potent mix of IV vitamins. The Myers has been popularized recently for its contributions to overall health and well-being as well as aiding chronic illness recovery. It boosts the immune system, improves energy & mood, aids in detox, and helps decrease inflammation. What’s in a Myers cocktail?

IV Fluids: Contain an alkaline mix of fluids and electrolytes to properly rehydrate & energize your body.

Vitamin C: This immune booster helps the body fight infections. It is also an antioxidant powerhouse as it helps eliminate free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. It also promotes healthy skin and collagen production.

Magnesium: Helps calm nervous system & improves mood, decreases muscle soreness. It promotes blood flow and can decrease headaches/migraines.

B-Complex + B12: Contains 6 different essential B vitamins that contribute to energy levels, metabolism, cognitive function, and nerve regulation.

Glutathione: Master antioxidant that supports the liver in detoxing by binding circulating toxins, improves skin health & contributes to bright & youthful appearing skin. 

The improved strength, mental clarity, and energy levels make the Myers a great IV mix to do on a regular basis. But its immune boosting, rehydrating,  headache & nausea reducing properties make it a great option for acute illnesses, migraines, hangovers, allergies, autoimmune or fibromyalgia flare ups. When oral fluids and supplements aren’t enough, get the jumpstart of IV vitamins and hydration delivered to your bloodstream with 100% absorption. Fight sluggishness, illness, stress, and pain with the power of the Myers. 

This IV cocktail is great by itself but works in harmony with any of our vitamin or medication add-ins. With Myers as your base treatment, feel free to customize to greater suit your needs. Try Taurine for more energy, Zinc for more immune boosting, or Toradol for pain relief. Want the power of the Myers amplified? Try Myers Plus or Ultimate for higher dosages and more add-ins to feel even better, faster. 

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